iKALiZER is a cross-platform development API for writing applications that handle sounds and a system software installable component.
The system software allows a user-friendly configuration to enhance and provide a near perfect audio experience : Provide the best matching between applications and your ears.
iKALiZER try to provide the best realistic audio experience.

About us
I'm the designer and the lead programmer of iKALiZER.
After more than 20 years old in digital audio research and a few years old of gaming experience with Urban Terror, I've decided to enhance the audio quality of ID Tech 3 / ioQuake 3 engine. The initial and original project was born, but it was a proof of concept.
After some user requests and interest in an API-user led me to develop iKALiZER.

My goal is to provide the most advanced audio experience to end user and a very simple API to all programmers.

iKALiZER is based on the principle of dual licensing.
All non-commercial, ad-free projects/applications and ad-free websites could freely use iKALiZER without any fee.
Commercial projects or projects/applications/websites contains advertising need a commercial licence.
All information needs about this dual licence will be available later.

System driver
The system driver is always free of charge. It also contains a user-friendly configuration utility. Users and programmers need this system driver.
All new release of the same iKALiZER generation are backward compatible.

The SDK will be available soon to all licenced projects.
The iKALiZER source code could also be provided with a NDA (Non Disclosure Agrement) on some projects or applications.

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